The sectarian massacres in New Zealand . Criminalization of Sectarianism and Terrorism

The sectarian massacres in New Zealand . Criminalization of Sectarianism and Terrorism

Statement by the International Organization for the Criminalization of Sectarianism and Terrorism

Regarding the sectarian massacres in New Zealand

Where the cowardly terrorist attacks causes more than 40 innocent people died during prayers at the mosques

The International Organization for the Criminalization of Sectarianism and Terrorism condemns the cowardly terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, on 12 March 2019, which killed 49 innocent victims.

The organization asserts that this attack is backed by sectarian and terrorist organizations, and fanatic intelligence agencies plan and encourage these behaviors to gain political and economic benefits through fueling hatred, sectarianism, and discrimination among people around the world.

We are heartbroken for victims of the cowardly attack, and express our deepest condolences to their families and affirms its solidarity with the Muslim communities all over the world, who are today subjected to the ugliest persecution and discrimination, whether by their tyrannical rulers who are backed by superpowers claiming freedom and democracy, or by sectarian, economic and political media mafias that fuel sectarianism and racism, as in the Western media in general, and in Hollywood films, which always show a Muslim as a terrorist, and those who kill Muslims as heroes and courageous defenders of western values.

The relentless assaults on Muslims all around the world are the clearest proof that there is a War Against Islam, carried on by sinister organizations and governments hiding behind moral slogans. What happened in Syria under the tyrannical sectarian Assad regime with international cover, what happened in Iraq, Algeria, Myanmar, India, the imprisonment and persecution of moderate Islamic scholars under ‘’charges of terror’’ as is happening under the regime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is supported by the USA, and today’s cowardly attack against peaceful civilians, are all evidence of that.

Islam calls for justice, virtue, equity, freedom, and solidarity for all humanity. Those goals contradict the goals of fundamental sectarian organizations, chief among them is the Zionist agenda which lured regular Jewish civilians from around the world and settled them in Palestine, displacing millions of native Palestinian Arabs, and using them as fuel in an endless war against Muslims and Christians in Palestine. It made them into a forward base for forward military for the British Empire in the 20th century and then an arm of American imperialism in the 21st, which is led by superstitious fanatics who believe in a fairytale they call “Armageddon War”, which they believe is necessary in order to bring the Second Coming of Christ! In the end, they will lead this world into a Third World War which might be the end of humanity.

Any person with a bare minimum of political understanding knows that there are organizations controlling the centers of power in superpower countries, the media, banks, giant multi-national corporations, and intelligence agencies. It is sad that anyone who warns about this situation is assassinated, either physically or intellectually or psychologically, or ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist”, or legally, or financially, or called anti-Semite even if he himself is a Semite.

We, The International Organization for the Criminalization of Sectarianism and Terrorism, call on all people in the free world to raise their world awareness and knowledge, especially in matters of politics and religion, and to not follow fanatic politicians or religious figures. You all have significant moral responsibility to learn the truth by yourselves. Learn and judge for yourselves by reading the Quran itself rather than listening to what the media propagates. The media exaggerates minute details and distracts from major factors. Learn about Islam and Muslims through objective history rather than Hollywood propaganda. Learn about the Prophet Muhammad that Muslims believe in through his biography rather than hateful cartoons made to gain attention and promote hatred and division.

Do not accept injustice or oppression against anyone based of their color, gender, religion, or belief. Do not let humanity become divided into strata’s: “masters” who control media, wealth, power and military; and “Slaves” made up of the remainder of humanity.

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تنويه هام 
الآراء المنشورة في الموقع تعبر عن آراء أصحابها ولا تعبر بالضرورة عن رأي أو توجه الموقع، كما أن الموقع يعمل على تقديم خدمة إخبارية متكاملة للقراء معتمدا على ما يتم تداوله في المواقع والصحف ووكالات الأنباء العربية والعالمية، وبذلك لا يتحمل الموقع أية مسؤولية جراء ما ينقل عن تلك المصادر.